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Swimming Pool Fence Inspections and Safety Certificates

Brisbane Sunshine Coast & Gold Coast now only $165.00 + Goverment Certificate ($33.20)

BE SAFE POOL FENCE INSPECTIONS is a privately owned and operated Pool Safety Inspection Company. The 2 directors Josh & Dane conduct 100% of the pool safety inspections themselves and with over 3000 pool fence inspections under their belt since Dec 1st 2010 they have the experienced and knowledge to provide you with the right advice and service on your pool fence. Wheather you require a prepurchase pool fence inspection, compliance advice or a pool safety certificate to sell or lease your house.


Don't be fooled by companies that claim they have conducted 5000 + pool inspections as this is spread out across over 50 under paid contractors Queensland wide. Most of which are nolonger in the industry.

That works out at only a few inspections per pool inspector. Do you want an inexperienced safety inspector checking your pool? Risking your childs life? Providing poor advice on repairs? These contracted inspectors are only paid around $60 per inspection by their head contracting company.


Don't be tricked by cheap quotes that fail to tell you they charge an extra $27.50 per additional entry point. This means if you have 3 gates your looking at an extra $55.00. Also ask if the price they quote includes GST as there pricelist will not unless you read the fine print.


With Be Safe Pool Fence Inspections the inspection fee includes unlimited pool gates. View our pool safety inspection pricelist.


Always ask when you book an inspection for the inspectors name & license number, if they can't provide it, hang up. Don't risk a random pool safety inspector, get what you pay for and book your pool safety inspection with an experienced licensed pool fence inspector from Be Safe Pool Fence Inspections.


Pre-purchse Pool Fence Inspection


Before you purchase a property with a pool, ask the sellers agent for a copy of the pool safety certificate also lknow as a FORM 23. If they don't have a pool safety certificate for the property you should arrange a pool fence inspection with BE SAFE POOL FENCE INSPECTIONS. Just like a pest and building inspection, we'll write you a report with photos and any non-compliance issues that we find along with solutions to fix the problem areas. As a buyer it will be your responsibility to obtain a pool safety certificate within 90 days of settlement if they seller does not provide one when you sign the contract. If you are selling your home it is advisable to arrange a pool fence safety inspection to obtain a pool safety certificate. It could end up saving you thousands during the negotiation process if your already have the certificate. Without a pool safety certificate buyers are more likely to offer a lower price, often the differnece is greater than the cost of the inspection and repairs themselves.


By arranging a pool fence inspection prior to purchasing or selling you will be in a better position for negitiations.

Queensland Pool Safety LAWS

The Queensland Government has introduced Australia's toughest new pool safety laws as a result of a comprehensive review of Queensland's swimming pool safety laws. The new pool laws target the pool fencing regulations and rules that were previously know as the Queensland pool safety standard.


Who Needs a Pool Safety Certificate - FORM 23 ?

  • Anybody selling a private home with a pool or the person buying the home must obtain a pool safety certificate within 90 days of settlement if the seller did not provide a pool safety certificate.
  • Landlords wishing to Rent or lease a private residential home to a tenant must have a pool safety certificate prior to a tenant moving in or risk being fined. Note there is currently an exemption period for non-shared pools due to the Queensland natural desasters - any property leased between 8th January - 8th July does not require a certificate.

Short Term Accommodation Providers such as Hotels, Motels, Resorts with a shared pool will only have until 31st May 2011 to have a pool safety certificate in place.


The first step will be to book a pool safety inspection. If your pool is compliant you will be issued with a pool safety certificate, if your pool is not compliant you will be issued with a notice of non-compliance along with details of what needs fixing to become compliant. To Avoid the rush, book a pool fence safety inspection with BE SAFE POOL FENCE INSPECTIONS - our pool inspectors are fully qualified and ready to inspect your pool, BIG or small. Book a pool safety inspection online






Pool Inspection Diagrams

Download the Latest pool fencing regiulations - QDC MP3.4 2010 this outlines the amendments to the Australian standard 1926.1 & 2 (2007) pool fencing standards.

Buy your own copy of the Australian Standard from the SAI Global InfoStore


Side slice of a pool fence that shows the Non-climbable Zone, Additional Clear Area, Internal Clear Area, Fence Heights & Gaps.


swimming pool fence inspection diagrams


How Do The New Pool Fence Laws Affect You

Selling a property with a pool?

As the seller, you have the option of either obtaining a pool compliance certificate know as a FORM 23 - Pool Safety Certificate prior to settlement or you will need to inform the buyers that you have not obtained a safety certificate know as a FORM 36 - notification of no pool safety certificate. If the buyers choose to proceed it will be their responsibility to arrange a pool safety inspection within 90 days of settlement.


Buying a property with a pool?

As the buyer of a property with a pool where there is no pool safety certificate we highly recommend arranging a pre-purchase pool safety inspection. Often there is a reason the sellers have not obtained a compliance certificate. As the buyer it is now your legal obligation to obtain a pool safety certificate within 90 days of settlement. By arranging a pre-purchase pool inspection you will find out if the pool fence is compliant or non-compliant before you buy, just like a pest and building inspection. If the pool is not compliant, our written report will outline all non-compliance issues, photos and a solution. Don't be left in the dark with a pool fence repair worth thousands, arrange a pool fence inspection Brisbane today with Josh & Dane by calling 0488 55 8526 or 1300 677 665.


Got a question out your pool fence?


If you have a question about your pool fence, check our forum, if the answer is not there, join the discussion and ask a question, we'd be happy to answer, you can even upload photos. visit the forum here >> POOL INSPECTION FORUM.


Shared pools associated with short-term accommodation - eg: Hotels, Motels & Reports

Under the new pool safety laws, owners or managers of shared pools associated with short-term accommodation have 6 months from the legislation date to obtain a safety certificate for the pool.


Shared pools associated with long-term accommodation - eg: block of units with long term tenants


Properties associated with long-term accommodation have have been granted a two-year phase in period to obtain a pool safety certificate. A certificate is not required until 30th of November 2012. A pool safety certificate is not requiredto be provided when a property is being sold during this phase in period.

Tenants of rental properties with pools

If you are renting a property with a swimming pool it is your responsible for ensuring that the gate is kept closed and that there are not any objects that would allow children to access the pool.

If a person renting a property buys a pool that requires pool a pool fence, the owner of the pool must ensure the pool has a compliant pool safety barrier. For more information view the Swimming pool safety guidelines.

Accommodation Operators: Hotels, Motels, Resorts, Backpackers, Caravan Parks, Hostels & Boarding Houses

As of December 2010 accommodation operators who sell room accommodation will be required to have their pool certified every year to comply with the new pool safety laws. Without a pool safety certificate short term accommodation operators will not be able to book overnight rooms. Short term accommodation operators have until May 31st to arrange a pool fence safety inspection & obtain a Form 23 - Pool Safety Certificate.

Due to the large number of accommodation operators who will require pool ispections, the Queensland government has allowed a 6 month phase in pediod. This mean that come the last day of May 2011 if you do not have a pool safety certificate you will not be able to let out a room associated with short-term accommodation. To avoid the last minuet rush, book a pool fence inspection with a Licensed pool fence inspector from BE SAFE POOL FENCE INSPECTIONS.




  • 10 February 2012 - The Duo team reaches 1050 pool fence inspections since Dec 2010 - Expereice Counts!

  • 10 July 2012 - The Duo team reaches 1250 pool fence inspections

  • 10 October 2012 - The Duo team reaches 1400 pool fence inspections

  • 14 June 2014 - The Duo team reaches 3000 pool fence inspections - Experience & Serivce second to none in the pool fence inspection industry. Book with a professional pool safety inspector: Brisbane, Sunshine Coast & Gold Coast


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