Queensland Pool Register - Pool Safety Inspections and Swimming Pool Fence Safety Certificates Queensland - Pool Registrations

Queensland Pool Registrations - The Queensland Government has made it madatory for all pool and spa owner to register their pool by November 4th 2011

Queensland Pool Registrations (includes: spas)






Alternatively call the Pool Safety Council on 1800 340 634


Pool registration period
Pool owners have until 4 November 2011 to register their pool. Penalties of up to $2 000 may apply after this time.



Pool Types:

All home pools are non-shared

hotel pools and the like are Shared Pools. Any property that is used by more than one lot owner is a shared pool, eg: duplex with a shared pool.


Registering you pool does NOT mean it is compliant. It just means it is listed on the new Queensland state swimming pool register.


Pool Safety Inspections

If you would like to arrange a pool safety inspection to ensure your pool fence meets Queenslands new pool fencing laws please call our office on 1300 677 665 or book an pool fence inspection inspection online

Pool Safety Inspections cost $192.50. If you require a pool safety certificate there is a $31 government certificate charge.


To arrange an inspection of your pool for compliance reasons please call 1300 677 665 and one of our licensed pool safety inspectors will attend you property, provide a full written report and safety certificate once compliance has been met. Pool Safety Inspections Cost $192.50 + $31 if you require a pool safety certificate (The $31 is a government charge).



A state-based pool register has been developed under the new swimming pool safety laws.

The register will contain:

  • a record of regulated pools in Queensland
  • a record of pool safety certificates issued by pool safety inspectors.
  • The register will be searchable by the public free of charge.


Purchased a property with a pool?

You will have 90 days from settlement to obtain a pool safety certificate or you will be fined $1600 - and trust me when i say this as there are hundreds of new home owners who are being fined now (posted 8thg August 2011). The pool safety council sends out warning notices and if your pool is not compliant within their warning time frame you are hit with a wopping $1600 fine.

What are regulated pools?
Regulated pools include pools associated with:

  • houses
  • units and unit complexes
  • motels
  • hotels
  • hostels
  • backpacker accommodation and short term accommodations
  • caravan parks
  • mobile van parks




The new pool safety laws aim to further reduce the incidences of drowning and serious immersion injuries of young children in swimming pools.

Queensland's swimming pool safety improvement strategy has two stages.

Stage 1 was introduced on 1 December 2009 and applies to new residential pools.

Stage 2, The final stage of the swimming pool safety laws is expected to start this summer (December 2010). Stage 2 mostly affects existing swimming pools. It is important that all pool owners are familiar with these new laws.


Pool Registrations Brisbane Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Ipswich, Cabooture, Redcliffe, Logan, Mackay, Rockhampton, Bundaberg, Gladstone, Hervey Bay, Townsville, Cairns. Register your pool today.

  • mandatory follow-up inspections are required to be undertaken if the final inspection has not been done. Building certifiers are required to undertake a mandatory follow-up inspection within a set time frame after giving a building approval for a swimming pool. The time frames are six months for new pools or two years in cases where building approval is granted for a swimming pool and a new building. If the building approval is due to lapse earlier than six months or two years, the final inspection must be done before it lapses.
  • compliant temporary fences are permitted for a maximum period of three months during the construction of a pool. After this time, compliant permanent fencing is required. Both the temporary and permanent fences will need to be inspected and certified by the building certifier who approved the application.

The building certifier, either a private building certifier or a Local Government building certifier, who approved the building approval must inspect and certify the pool safety barrier before the pool is filled to a depth of 300 millimetres or more.


*infomation collected from the Queensland Government - Department of Infastructure & Planning